Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In a world with big problems, little things that glue it strong should be mentioned.

1.  A daughter's first loose tooth.  The excitement of a close encounter with a "real live" tooth fairy.  Talk of the secret camera that will be placed strategically.  Me wondering if I actually have any cash in case it falls out tonight.

2.  This living room couch is a ship and daughters are Captains and mothers are First Mates.

3.  (for adult readers only)  Talking to Lynn today about his pigs, all of which are doing fine in this weather:  "Yeah, they're running around in there just fine, happy as can be.  The only problem we had today was my semen came in later than usual."  Me:  "Uh...well...oh!  Yeah!"   And I thought I was this tough old farm girl.  It's just they never mentioned the semen delivery thing in Charlotte's Web...I mean, I thought the pigs just sort of multiplied on their own...  

4.  So grateful everyone is enjoying the poetry classes.  I am too.  In no other class am I able to get to know everyone so well, and I am so thankful for these vulnerable cracks in the "lesson plan" that allow me to step down, as I always wish to do, to simply admit that I am learning, too,  how to describe this life.

5.  That after the mourning comes whirling and the uplifting of hands freed from the hair she worried in keening knots.

6.  A list I made two days ago of thoughts put in my heart to fulfill in action:  Sponsor a child.  Juan in Mexico, you are in our prayers now.  Nora wants to send you her toys.  Thy will be done.  Donate a garden row.  Thy will be done.  Move, sleep, drink enough water.  Thy will be done.  Read My Word.  I go to it gladly each day, words lit by Spirit.  New curtains.  Sewing them.  No matter how "small" the whisper seems, I am learning to listen and respond.  Now.  Not later.  A little bit each day because that is all that I have, and it is enough.

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