Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Littles

1.  Watching Calliou in bed with Nora after getting my dishwasher to work because a working dishwasher means at least 20 minutes more a night with my girl.  And younger looking hands--well, until garden season.

2.  The brass ensemble in chapel today reminded me of why God gave us metal, really hot fire to bend the metal around, and the ability to blow zerberts.  It sounds funny, but when you put all those things together, something celestial happens.

3.  Teaching:  today was intense.  There are no hardened hearts to speak of--only speaking hearts.  And I love them.

4.  Peace where there shouldn't be.

5.  My mom calling just to say she loves me, which was a coincidence because I happen to love her, too.

6.  Working up the courage to drink a soda pop at a remote gas station.  Because there is adventure and then there is hiding under the booth.

7.  [                                                 ]

8.  Did you know the 7th wave is always the largest?  I didn't, and this means I'm growing.

9.  Making it home safely in the snow, cuddled up around the space heater, and even though my eyes are drying out, I'm safe and warm as kittens.

10.  All sorts of vision.  How she teaches us to see.

11.  So many amazing women emerging of late.  The utter blessing of community.  I wonder if it is too early to sew aprons for everyone...

12.  I have my seed.

13.  Yes.  yesyesyes.


  1. My mama always says "No one should spend their life doing dishes."

  2. Where God is, he brings peace.
    And God is everywhere.
    So peace can be everywhere, too--
    But I know what you mean.

    I'm glad you made it home safely in the snow!