Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Little

1.  Friends who understand and respond with prayer.

2.  Crock pots and cookbooks.

3.  Three generations of women hitting a second hand store and a movie.

4.   160 pounds of salt in the water softener done while Mom was here "just in case you fall down the stairs."  (At least I'll be seasoned well.)

5.  A kiss on the cheek from a daughter.

6.  A kiss on the cheek from a mother.

7.  [                                                               ]

8.  Orange sheets and bread machines and clean dishes.

9.  The gift of peeling an orange for your daughter's meal.

10.  The gift of eating anything off your daughter's plate that she doesn't.

11.  A miniature watering can on a windowsill.

12.  Trimming and talking to the houseplants.

13.  A shower curtain with squirrels and owls and trees.  Suitable for the young and the old at heart.

14.  Figuring out that excess calcium deposits are probably contributing to my toilet not working right.

15.  Resisting and giving in.  Giving in and resting.

1 comment:

  1. Number 10,number 2 and number 15- a lesson we learn over and over and over again. High five.