Sunday, February 6, 2011


1.  A good talk with Nora this morning about...stress and love and helping that translated into the two of us rearranging the bedroom.

2.  Mistaking the rain and color of the dirt in the fields for April.

3.  A call from Ila about the puzzle and jam I gave her.  Verdict:  The puzzle was torture and the jam was delicious.  I guess I'm even.   (Word of warning:  Don't attempt to put together a puzzle while eating jam.)

4.  Julie and Rasa, if you are reading this,  I miss you.

5.  I lost 50 cents tonight.  That's what I get for rooting for the guys with the best helmet design.


  1. The puzzle was delicious and the jam was torture...

  2. Miss you, too. When is our "busy" going to end? I'm flippin' tired! So does the tooth fairy give out ten bucks now? Don't tell my kids, it'll put me in the poor house.Love you.

  3. The torture was delicious and the jam was a puzzle.