Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There are dinosaurs in Milford, Nebraska. And meditations on Slowness.

First, the dinosaurs:

I crashed Nora's preschool trip to the dinosaur museum today, and it was...truly a blast from the past.  (I heard that groan!)

Ten kids sticking their heads in the open mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex = A mother grateful that we don't have to watch out for those while crossing the street.

And I don't know what Mrs. B put in those dinosaur cookies, but they were incredible.  Maybe if I bribe her with more Nutcracker Tea, she'll give me the recipe.

And now, Slowness:

Today I am trying to learn there is always enough time to do the job right.  This translated into copying the recipe for zucchini cookie sandwiches slowly enough to remember again, suddenly, the careful practice of writing each letter over and over again.  A meditation on the line and curve.  Even so, I could feel the horse at the gate, kicking the stall and anxious to speed forward.  With practice, I understand it won't always feel this way.  Impatience wears itself out, runs a short race.

And I am wondering this:  My need for the quick, the immediate, the "good enough" --  Isn't my practice of speeding through life because I believe there isn't enough time to "get it all done" a sign that I have lost sight of the immense gift of a single day when it is spent doing what God intends?  To sit.  To eat.  To talk.  To praise.  To play.  Eye contact.  Setting it down and really listening.  To do the slow work of loving each other properly.

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