Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Thoughts about Moms

1.  Nora and I are getting ready to hunker down at the farm as the storm moves in.  We've got a gallon of milk.  The problem is that we baked about 36 snickerdoodles and 24 pumpkin muffins today (thanks to the Larry and Bob pumpkins we painted for Halloween), so I'm hoping the milk holds out.  It could end up like one of those "Got Milk" commercials.  If it gets too rough, I've got some half and half we could add a little water to.  Or, even better, we could just add a little coffee, and presto!  Breakfast of champion moms.

2.  Summertime.  Mom and I are watching my sister's four kids while she "runs" to the store (honestly, it's more of a slow sidle).  After an hour of running our rears off, we finally sit down, out of breath knowing that we've only got about another 30 seconds of this.  There is true pathos shared as our eyes meet and then one of us says, "I can't believe there was ever a show called Eight is Enough."

3.  She's eighteen and has to kill 8 hours in Aberdeen, South Dakota with her six month old baby while her husband finishes a gig because the band wants to move on after the show rather than crash at a hotel.  They go to a movie.  And then they go to a donut shop.  And then they sit behind the bar.  "Hey, there's a woman in that pickup," the men say.  "Oh, wait, she's got a baby."  And they turn away. "You were the one who kept me safe," she says to her "baby," grown now and protecting her own.

4.  Moms:  the right person for the job.  Babies:  Also the right person for the job.

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  1. I assume you are speaking of my 4 perfect angels. By the way, that wasn't a sidle, it was a strut. I deserve to "strut" to the store once a year all by myself, after all, I do take care of all those little monkeys ALL the time. Thank you so much for that lovely break. I look forward to taking another this summer. I love you like always and forever!