Monday, February 14, 2011

Three Things (or more--I can't actually count)

1.  Girlfingers wrapped around my neck, nose pressed to nose, single-eyed child:  I love you.

2.  Songs resonate in the Cowgirl Room, a voice ready to be heard and then the woman will follow.  Go, Hope.  Go.  Follow your voice thrown in front of you, a lifeline.  Grab hold.

3.  Forgiveness and an arm offered when the preschoolmother forgets/confuses the Valentine's Day party.

4.  Wordgifts and dinner with a soulfriend whose belief in me lifts me above, beyond my own low expectations of and for myself.  A mirror that clarifies.

5.  ReaLove.  Get right.  Get real with the Lord.

6.  [                                                              ]

7.  and a little more smile over tops of heads gathered at the Utica gas station and we've all got Spring fever up in here.

1 comment:

  1. I love the real & honest there always is in your lists.
    And I also loved the pictures from yesterday.

    If you need extra hands in that garden, this weather is making mine itch.