Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today today today:

Life is love is life.

And who can resist when the wind knocks the dead breath of winter out of you?  There are puddles to disperse and birdhouses to construct.

To write:  I was here and it was good.

The two of us go to the Word together this morning...wherever two meet in His name.

Mom.  She teaches me.

A replica of the birdhouse Nora built outside.

What the garden is now.  A boot in deadwood.  What some backyards look like.

Mending on the front porch.  One of the more peace-inducing activities in the world.

I love her.

Zucchini bread sandwiches with cream cheese frosting.  Yes, they are amazing.

Standing in the place where you are and knowing it is all, every moment of it, a gift--take this, I love you.  Have this: I love you.  Everyday is His love.

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