Sunday, February 27, 2011

Once you start...

I'm wide awake--the kind of awake them means I could get a lot done if I wanted to, so I started the laundry.

I have to admit:  I'm excited.

There is a bathtub sitting in my bathroom right now.   I might actually relax every once in awhile now.  Do you folks feel the same way I do about baths?  Bubbles.  A good book.  Bliss.

Was it in The Screwtape Letters that C.S. Lewis commented on how angry it makes the devil to see humans enjoying a bath?  I think it  Take that, you big old meanie!

I am stunned by how much has been fixed in the last week.  I don't want to bore you with a long list, but I will anyway:

Salt in the water softener
Dishwasher working
Toilet flushing correctly
New filter in the furnace
Shelf in closet for Nora's clothes
Car (Okay--that was 6 weeks ago, but...)
Plants repotted
Cookies baked (I consider not having cookies around a sort of "brokenness")
Hibernation habitat constructed for stuffed animal ladybugs

Love is a hard worker.   I thought I deserved broken stuff.  Love keeps proving me wrong.

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