Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Supper Tonight

I love eating with Mom and Mike on Wednesday nights.  Mom made meatloaf and baked potatoes.  Asparagus.  I love asparagus (steamed, never boiled, or snapped straight from the ground, crispy spring green to chew while weed-whacking--I am desperate for Spring, folks.)  Oh!  And strawberry shortcake--homemade.  I mean, this is love.  Mom love.

So, tonight Nora was reading her Bible during supper, which consisted of her opening her hands and looking down into them whispering because "I am distracted when I talk loud."

And she talked about Adam and Eve, that they didn't have dishes because there was no one to "spin pottery" yet, so they used leaves.

"Who did the dishes?" Grandpa asks.

"No one.  They just threw out the leaves and got new ones, Grandpa.  And this is the part where Adam turns into an alligator."

"And what did Eve turn into?" asks Grandpa.

"A hippopotamus."

And mom and I start laughing and before we know it we're replaying the scene in Madagascar:

"Girl, you HUGE."

"I like 'em chunky.  I like 'em round."

And Grandpa was a little concerned.  And Nora went on with a serious look on her face, reading her hands and talking about Noah and the boat he made that was over 40 inches long.


  1. Sounds like a perfect night. :)

  2. the thought of all that good food is making me hungry. Good thing I'm leaving for breakfast in five minutes!

    Your whole family sounds delightful. :)

  3. Eager for spring, huh? You and me both. Lovely night and I love the "hand Bible". Now sprouting at the Dunbar's near you: Romaine, Red lettuce, snap peas. Hurray!