Wednesday, March 2, 2011


1.  Tonight I'm going to finish reading the last 150 pages of Ordinary People for tomorrow's class.  My mom is worried about how long it's taking me to read the book.  (This is the 4th or 5th time I've read it for my Lit class.   She just thinks I'm a slow reader.)

2.  Crocuses are up.  Ground is wavy in the fields.  Warming dirt.  Vulnerable heart.

3.  Tickling.  What a great idea, God!

4.  I made some wheat bread dough this morning.  It didn't rise.  I tried to turn it into crackers.  They were too sharp to eat (though Teagan did manage to gnaw on a couple of them--brave girl.  She must have better dental work than I do.)  Eventually Nora used the dough to build a little wheat city with roads lined with split peas.  Whatever works.

5.  Rainbows.  On my wrist.  Under my eyelid.  In the coffee cup.

6.  Spring Break = Spring Back  (I'm sure this has been said before.  I'm okay with that.)

7.  [                                                           ]

8.  I made Grandma's vegetable beef soup today.  It was a way to cover lots of miles in a single kitchen.

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