Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simply Random: Socks Don't Have to Match to Make a Pair

1.  I'm beginning to understand how listening to the soundtrack from a movie (orchestral is best) during the course of a day can make your  life seem a little bit complicated at first, and then you'll start to figure things out and gain a bit of momentum (you may feel like you are learning leaps and bounds during a sort of "growth montage") when suddenly you have to face your greatest fear, and you do and then you run around the kitchen in slow motion, triumphant, inspirational even.  I've been listening to Gladiator.  Yes, I hope this is as hilarious to you as it is to me.

2.  I am taking back my life one closet at a time.

3.  I let Nora take care of me tonight after mentioning I felt like a cold/flu was coming round the bed.  She ran and got her doctor bag and a long strip of toilet paper, which she proceeded to scotch tape to my head, hair, glasses and all.  I read her bedtime stories with my bandage on, realizing that you CAN actually see through scotch tape.  Transparent, indeed.

4.  Nora set a "trap" for me on the kitchen floor today that consisted of a pillow and blanket.  When she came to see if she'd caught anything, she found me curled up there taking a quick nap.  It's so easy to catch moms that way for those of you in the trapping business.

5.  God bless you, fine folks.

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