Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Springing Forward is Hard on a Kid

From the backseat today, I hear Nora getting ready to break something to me:

"You know, Mommy?"


"I've decided to be nocturnal."

"Oh, yeah?  When do you plan to start?"

"When is it night time again?"

"Oh, about 7 hours or so."

"Okay.  That's when."

Around 9:00 tonight, she decided to look around the house, something nocturnal creatures do.  I wanted to tell her that nocturnal creatures also grade papers, write blogs, eat ice cream and listen to loud music on their headphones, but I didn't want her to get any ideas.

Around 9:30 she asked if it was almost daytime yet, so she could go ahead and get some rest.  "Not yet.  Have you developed your night-vision yet?"  "No, I will just need to wear contacts."

She made it to 10:42 tonight.  Not too shabby for a bat, the nocturnal creature of her choice.  Around 10:30 she said, "You know, maybe I could just be a bunny."

And that's the last thing I heard from her.


  1. First off--the fact that she knew the word "nocturnal" and what it meant is pretty impressive. I don't remember if I knew that or not when I was four.

    Second, 10:42 is late for someone her age! Although the argument could be made that it still felt like 9:42...

    Thirdly, bunnies are far cuter than bats. I like her new choice. :)

  2. I think bunnies also have it much better foodwise, too.