Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Things: Don't forget to eat the flowers!

1.  Me:  So how many tomato plants are you going to grow this year, Nora.
Nora:  Oh, a few and a half.
Me:  Beans?
Nora:  Probably two or four.

2.  She is also an amazing simile generator.  I told her getting ready in the morning was like herding cats.  She "saw" my cliche and raised me a "or like stapling feathers together."  She walked away from that table a much richer lady.

3.  Mrs. B and her patience.  Also her willingness to examine strange rashes that appear on other children's necks.  (Nora looks just fine now.  I think it was probably the "all natural" cleaner we used to clean the tub yesterday.  She likes to help.  And we all know that helping sometimes gives us a rash.)

4.   A "Mom" date with Jess and a speaker who brings me to tears when I don't want to be brought to tears, dangit.   (Believe me, I asked for this "cracking up" so I won't complain.)  So excited to think about a farmgirl chapter to keep each other company through the planting season and the single season.  Did you know that within a 14 mile radius, there are at least three moms with ukuleles who are strumming their hearts out?  Watch out for a band.  That's all I'm saying.

5.  A surprise visit from Mom and Mike bearing fancy pizza, a hoe and a rake for Nora and some Rosemary, Lavender, and Chives to plant.  Mike even carried down all my salt for me.  And I got to prove that I have amazing self-defense strategies on Mom, who is quite honestly my biggest threat next to rash inducing work.  (I'm just kidding, Mom.  You don't scare me.)

6.  A surprise snow that put me in the worst mood.  But then I watched the robins with their glowing, orange chests leaping inside the black and white world, and I was healed.

7.  Tom Waits saying, "I learned everything I know from my children.  And I learned everything they know, too.  Basically, I've learned a lot."

8.  [                                                                                              ]


  1. Oh, and oatmeal, cocoa, chocolate chip cookies mixing in a Kitchenaid.

  2. Can you say "song circle"? Be ready for a co-write. It's coming to farm/small town near you.

  3. Song circle! Yes yes yes yes yes!!! I have an idea, but only for one half-line of a song.

    Jessica :)