Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let Us Be Glad in It

Two chapters of Numbers and coffee
Two loads of laundry
Wash floors and vacuum and dust and hope
Install hooks for towels in bathroom
Retexture walls around new tub
Dishes and wishes
Constant prayer 
Build fort
Take out trash
Guitar in the kitchen and the voice seems sharp
Make paper beads
Feed cats left-over scraps from yesterday's I-hop
Get ready to put up bird feeders 
Play sea creatures with crab and penguin and sea horses as they review seaweed diet
A dream of losing Nora in a mill, waking panic and relief
Construct teepee support for Nora's pole beans 
"You were thinking that you were stolen."
Clean two more drawers out
Hem 5 pairs of pajamas for Nora
Pumpkin muffin breakfast, mac n' cheese lunch, chicken sandwich and fries supper and countless clementines
Commend Lucky for surviving another day
Bedtime stories, gummy vitamins, and I (points to eye) Love (points to chest) You (points to her chest.)

And this is not the list of one who must feel her importance by the weight of her duty, simply someone who must keep moving because it is, as St. Gregory of Nyssa said, "a way to remember that the life in which we ought to be interested is daily life. … Our Lord tells us to pray for today, and so he prevents us from tormenting ourselves about tomorrow."

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