Saturday, March 26, 2011

"My List has 'Make a List' on It"

1.  Up early and the Word first thing with coffee after slipping out of the bed and before the legs could even decide, the knees were on the carpet asking, "Father, bless me before I leave for the work of the day."

2.  Hours on Blackboard.  I know I prefer the paper better, with remnants of our human life (coffee stain, crossed out typo) proof of our work and our bodies in time.  I love "good pens" drawing comments on good words written on good paper.  But these electronic "papers"--I can't seem to connect to them the same way.  Next semester--more paper.  I need to be mobile with my work anyway.  My office IS at a gas station, after all.

3.  Working through discipline with Nora.  Ugh.  I am pushed to my limit (and my head resting on the refrigerator door, breathing), leaning completely on God to guide me in the work of patience, gentleness, firmness because of love.

4.  Laundry today, so I don't have to work as much on Sunday.

5.  Tomorrow Nora and I will be making seed tape strips, getting our starter plants growing, and plotting the garden.  I can't stand to let this winter weather threaten my sense of an impending warmth and blossom.

6.  Excited about the prospect of installing a shelf at the midpoint of the mudroom window for even more plants to perch, eating sunlight, filling my eyeheart.

7.  [                                               ]

8.  Play-doh with Nora.  She has been trying to recreate the digestive system in her animal sculptures.  Wanting to be encouraging I said, "Maybe one day you'll be a doctor who helps people with their digestive problems."  This statement had to replace the "I just don't think we should be focussing so much on poo, Nora" one that seemed to be another "No" in a day filled with so many of those already.  So, yes.  Yes to proctology.

9.  Deciding I would love, that I must, that God says, "Yes" to my being involved in Unfading Beauty next semester.  Yes.

10.  Tonight I will watch a movie about Keats that I hope isn't too terrible while eating 4 servings of popcorn.   Mmmm, yes.


  1. Bright Star. Jane Campion. "There is a holiness to the heart's affections." I loved the movie.

  2. Yes! I think we need to create an embroidery badge with a mom leaning against something, panting and counting out loud. When I read this I laughed, as I have had a few of those days lately, too. I am wondering if it also says in the Bible that children should not exasperate their mothers? Maybe it is their job? :)

    And yes to poo! What is up with preschoolers and poo? We hear a lot about poo this year. Both of the girls are always curious about the stuff in Jack's diaper, too. Weirdos.

    Love to you this Sunday!

    J :)

  3. Oh, DO become involved with Unfading Beauty! I think you have learned much in your life and thus have much to share. You have been blessed, therefore you can bless others.

    This would make me very happy. :)
    And I must say, I smile every time I'm in Utica, not knowing exactly where your house is, but knowing where that gas station is. I've actually eaten there. :)