Friday, November 25, 2011


For my cousin Chris who lost his 5 month old son Gus today to bacterial meningitis. 
For my cousin Stephi who was beside Chris and grieves for her brother.
For my dad to know the jewel in his heart.
For my sisters to continue strong and steady through the gifts and challenges of motherhood.
For my mom to find the time and energy and strength she needs to do what she needs to do.
For Mike (my other dad) to be safe while in uniform.
For Nora, Lord, you know all that is in my heart.
For both my grandmas and my Aunt Dottie, for their health and Your peace.
For my friends and all they are blessed with and for all they are challenged by.
For my students and colleagues who will be traveling.
For clarity and patience; dispel all the worry that clouds my gratitude.
For a world that needs Your love and Your peace and Your guidance.

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayers.

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