Wednesday, November 16, 2011


1. Grandma GiGi:  "Nora, you're amazing."
Nora:  "Sometimes I'm just desperate." 

2.  Nora on the phone with Grandpa, who is currently hunting:  "Grandpa, I just want you to know, someday I'm going to have a baby deer, and you can't kill it."   Was this a scene in The Yearling?  I can't remember...

3.  Getting sucked into another Hallmark movie with Mom and Grandma.  Sometimes I too am just desperate.  I may have to admit to my Intro to Lit class that happy endings are kind of nice.  Naaaahhhh....

And a quick list:
3 part harmonies and ukes
bread dipped into cheddar potato soup
a week of rest
watching Grandma GiGi laugh until she cries
hearing a friend's voice across the telephone lines
a hand-sewn orange apron with my name stitched in it
the thought of Mom as a girl staying up late to watch movies and eat potato chips dipped in green salsa

1 comment:

  1. hahaha. Nora. :)

    cheddar potato soup...that may need to go on my menu. soon.

    see you tomorrow!!!!