Friday, November 11, 2011

11:11 on 11/11/11

Girls' night out:  We hit Walmart and leave with a bubblegum machine.  With 30 minutes before Puss in Boots 3D begins, I realize I have no cash and we still need to eat.  "Hey, Nora.  Do you wanna go eat at the Pac n' Save?"  (This is one classy date.)  "YES!  That's the place that has my very favorite chicken."  She's jumping in and out of her seat after we get our meat and two sides and the 20 bucks I needed to get into the show.  "I love this girls' night out.  I just love it.  We are really having a good time.  Here try this french fry.  It is so delicious."  We park in front of the library and the clock in the courthouse building starts chiming.  "Hurry, Nora!  The clock is striking 6!  The pumpkin!"  We're holding hands and running down the sidewalk, and I'm not sure I could be happier.  Into the door, windswept, out of breath, full of fried chicken, we get our tickets and our popcorn and sit down.  Nora has been wearing her 3D glasses since the ticket man handed them to her.  "So, Nora, is everything in, like, 6D with those on?"  "No.  But this is the best time!  Can I have Nerds?"  I had asked for M & M's.

I'm pretty sure she can't see the whole screen.  I dip down to about her height and test it out.  Hmmm...somehow I don't believe her about being able to see just fine.  Fifteen minutes into the movie, she sits on my lap.  "Who's that guy?"  It's Puss 'n Boots.   I wonder what movie she's been watching.

We drive home.  I bring in groceries while she puts pennies into the gum machine, and the moon and the stars and antenna lights blink and blind anything hopeless so it wanders far from here.

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