Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Counting It Out (Inside)

1.  "Nora, what is your favorite way of knowing how much I love you?"  "Kisses and hugs."  That's an easy one.  I was expecting something impossible, the way showing love to adults sometimes seems impossible.  I still have so much to learn about how to love.  This break, I let my pride, my belief that I am right, storm through the house and out the door.  Even so, I did not let the sun set on this anger.  I'm still feeling the aftershock and praying for home.

2.  A woman cannot live on mac n' cheese and fish sticks alone.  So, I cook family-sized meals (tonight: smothered shredded chicken burritos--too many tomatoes, too spicy, so delicious) and freeze single servings.  Nora tries a single "no thank you bite" and sometimes, like Mikey, she likes it.

3.  I am addicted to a BBC series called "Downton Abbey."  I think about it during the day while I'm cleaning and folding laundry.

4.  With three weeks left of school, I am wondering where the last burst of energy will come from to "finish strong," as they say.  I'm guessing the box of energy bars in my school bag will help.  And how I am praying that I rely on the Holy Spirit to direct my hours and my words.

5.  I love that Sufjan song about "pulling our collars up tight" and walking hand in hand by the lake and "counting it out, working it out inside."  The first time I heard that song I, in my small-mindedness, thought, "Whoa.  Is he really talking about working things out inside?  What kind of man is this who does the kind of complicated internal algebra that I've always thought of as being a 'woman thing?'"  I immediately liked him on facebook.

6.  I am particularly excited about a block of "bleu cheddar" cheese I picked up today.  It's the little things--especially when they are covered in cheese.

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