Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Things We Saw Today

A loose tooth.

A decorated Christmas tree.  (I'm just ready for this holiday, okay?  No offense, Mr. Turkey.) 

The first Christmas craft.

Nora putting a few hours in at the office.  

A new shawl in the making, soft and green.

Hand-painted in 1965.  Et. Cetera.  $5.00

The only dirty laundry in the house as of 3 PM.

Sea monkeys.

A batch of Grandma's Banana Tea Bread.

Littlest Pet Shop.  We created an applesauce company whose mottos are "Don't be suspicious.  The apples are delicious" and "Don't sit down to rest because the apples are the best."

Ideas unfolding at the Bronco Spur gas station.


  1. Mm. Yeah. I love all of this. Particularly the first picture :D Gosh, she's cute!!

  2. Can I come do Christmas crafts at your house? :)

    Alisha Bohnert