Monday, November 14, 2011

I'd Like to Be a Morning Person, But My Mornings are Too Busy

One of the disadvantages of writing a blog post at the end of the day is that I'm running on about 15 minutes worth of gas and hoping it will get me to bed after (hopefully) brushing my teeth and washing my face.  But honestly, my skin care regime is shaky at best.

I want to talk to you about hiding your heart in Christ and just a lot of stuff, really.  I'd blog in the morning, but I try to go through some devotions and praying while Nora drinks Ovaltine and watches cartoons.  If I was really good, I'd get up a couple of hours before Nora and exercise for 45-120 minutes, eat granola with bran flakes and wheat germ and some iron--like REAL iron, from a car fender or something.  Then I'd write for an hour, read for another hour, do my lesson plans for the next 4 months, grade 40 essays, and feed a few birds directly from the palm of my hand while singing "It's a Small World, After All."

This isn't what actually happens though.  I wake up to Nora sounding the alarm like a rooster.  I mean, literally.  She actually does the whole "cock-a-doodle-doo" thing.  I'm lucky to have a really thoughtful "past Lisa" who makes the coffee for me at night, so all I have to do is push the button to get the coffee going.  This is good because I'm fairly dysfunctional at this point.  I do my "farm chores" while in this stumbling dream state:  Lucky, one pinch of fish food.  Henrietta, a handful of birdseed and some old grapes.  Farm Cats, dump the slop bucket with a few cups of dry food out the back door.  Try not to shut their tails in the screen door.  Nora, two heaping scoops of Ovaltine in her 2%.  Open the blinds.  I need light right away.  I sit and sip coffee as the cup empties and my eyes fill with more and more of the day.

Who doesn't have this "perfect morning person" who gets everything done before 5AM?  We've all dreamed of becoming her.  I read a 300 page book about the Proverbs 31 woman and how her lamp never goes out, and I'd like to be more like her.  I also don't want to turn into Martha troubled about so many things, I forget to sit at His feet and listen.

Anyway, may your mornings start with the reminder of God's constant presence, the deep desire to hold your hand the whole way through.  And lots and lots of coffee.


  1. So. True.

    Half-awake MorningMe has uttered many a thank you to PastMe for coffee, too.

    Thanks for this reminder that's okay not to be Super Woman...especially first thing in the morning.

  2. I got up really early, not because I was gonna commune with God, work out and get a head start, but because I couldn't turn my mind off...a little too much Martha going on over here. Peace and joy to you whether there be enough hours in this gift of a day or not. This is Hope, but I'm experiencing technical difficulties

  3. Oi. I wish. However, nighttime is when I'm more alert, so I stay up later, and then I cannot get up earlier. Like this morning, for instance. (Thank you for your understanding.) I'm sure when I become a mommy I'll start getting up earlier. Otherwise my kids will grow up with a dysfunctional lifestyle because their body clocks will make them night owls and not let them wake up till 10 am.