Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lean on Me

1.  Everyone lean in on everyone.  This is so good to see you here together leaning into this space and holding your hand out to offer your words, your advice, your encouragement.  Because we've forgotten how to listen to our elders, forgotten what we can teach each other, how we need each other to lean one into the other linking arms making this great chain of breath which was the first breath He gave Adam.  Use it to speak love to one another, to lift each other, carry each other, provide for each other--even those we don't know.  I witness this tonight during our class interview date night.  Somehow it feels so large--the entire experience.  Let's lean into it.

2.  A friend posts an Amos Lee tune that I have been listening to on repeat since the first listen 20 minutes ago, and I will probably keep it playing until I crash into the orange sheets on my bed because I love the color orange, all fire and warm and alive and I love this song, too.  And I'm listening and leaning.

3.  I can feel myself moving toward Friday.  Everyone has been here before.  You have a big thing happening, and all the days leading up to it partially belong to the big day ahead.  I am praying that God direct my words because He knows my heart.  I have no clue what my heart is made of sometimes.   And it's easy to believe the lies that cling to me when I'm not giving myself up every moment to the One who made me.  I'm leaning.

4.  I'm home and Nora is asleep at Grandma's--the week's schedule calling for odd hours, and I'm leaning into this writing because I need it.


  1. Maybe it's no surprised, but I think you'd be surprised to know how much others lean into this writing space of yours, too. There was one moment where us who were gathered together because of our connection to you, our desire to be a part of what's being done because it's you who asked, the biggest thing connecting us was your love. And so of course our conversation follows that one thread, and people were re-living their favorite blog posts of yours, talking about them like they were old family memories, recounting them as if we were at a family reunion. Just wanted you to know how alive this space is, its bread and jam sustenance for so many people that know and love you was very tangible in that conversation.

  2. What she said. Lean into these crazy days, feel it all, we pray you are satisfied and we'll see you on the other side of it all with wine and roses and nacho cheese dip.

  3. Lisa, my room at home is orange and hot pink, with bright yellow trim. I also have a Hawaiian bedspread. I like to sit in there and soak up the happiness, but other people usually think it's too much.
    Alisha Bohnert