Saturday, September 10, 2011

Watching the Game

1.  "Oh, man.  Those guys keep passing out."  (Nora's explanation for why they keep falling down.)

2.  My farmer landlord Lynn played at halftime in the UNL Alumni marching band.  I guess all those guys talking about football during halftime didn't realize this or they would have paid better attention.  Marching bands are under-appreciated.

3.  At one point, in an attempt to help Nora fall asleep while I held her on the couch, Mike switched the channel to that sci-fi double-view thing with one side playing the "Soundscapes" channel (they play songs with titles like "Celestial Tree Tops" and "Mountain in the Night Vision") and the other with the game in silent mode.  I have to admit, the juxtaposition between the new age music and football was surprisingly moving.

4.  Mom, don't you think we should be shopping online right now?  I'm not great at math, but it looks like we're winning.  Except for that guy who was wearing a hat that looked like a shark eating his head.  I subtracted 2 points from the final score for that.

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