Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Always Thankyou

-A reading light before the sun rises.  Coffee in bed.
-Driving to school eating a pumpkin muffin as the sun shines in my eyes.
-I cry a lot today while they read their stories.
-Laughing about George Winston.
-A long note left on my desk, and I put it on the shelf inside.
-Two new aprons from Robin.  Love.
-Carrying my funky lamp around campus.  Claiming it was my little light and that I was going to let it shine.  (It was actually a prop for my Lit classes.)
-Two books left on my desk, which I will read.  Thank you, Inglenook.
-Eating nachos and watching the news.  I am almost asleep here in my chair, so I will say goodnight.


  1. Great to see you the other day even if was just our mini-van ships passing in the parking lot. Miss ya.