Sunday, September 11, 2011

1.  Somedays when I fret the questions until I'm no longer sure if I'm doing anything how it should be done, I seek the one moment of thanksgiving in the thousand breaking-downs, when I can lift in God's light these hands that He gave for giving and that single action destroys a million destructions.  Somedays it takes 3 or 4 years to finally get that point, and I regret how long it takes to get there.  And then another batch of questions arrives, and I worry the brow again.

2.  Fighting against the quotidian today when I usually find so much solace in the everyday involvement in comfort over chaos.  I just had to remind myself that cleaning the house is also an act of love, like playing Woodsies and putting on animal power suits, so we can sail down from trees like a draco.

3.  In Nebraska, September is still summer.  I need to write this down, so I'll remember to extend the growing season next year.  A mountain girl isn't surprised if it snows in September or May.  But these are the plains where the sun settles down and rolls slow across the land a good, long time.  That sounds sexier than I meant it to.  Oh well.

4.  I "caught" an all right joke the other night in my Placement Seminar class (we write resumes and prepare for the job market.)

"So, if you know that they'll be making a decision before your Thank You note can get there, should you still send one?"

"Yeah.  You never know what might happen.  They could offer the job to someone else and that person turns it down.  Then they'll remember that nice person who sent the thank-you card after the interview.  That would be you.  Basically, never burn any bridges unless you're applying for a bridge burning job."


  1. LOL! Love this last one! :) (Lisa, was that you who said "unless you're applying for a bridge burning job?")