Thursday, September 1, 2011

These are Good Times, Good Times Indeed

 Good Time #1

When I'm in class, Mom comes to our house and does all these super cool projects with Nora.  Here they are doing a study of chicks.  

Good Time #2

I can't even describe the joy that is chili pepper peach jelly.

Good Time #3

Watching the seeds you planted back in April finally bloom.  Morning glory, hello!  Some of the birdseed swept to the side produced a fairly good crop of milo in the flower beds.  I like how it looks, so there it stays.

Good Time #4

Pick a pepper.  Sugar, vinegar, salt.  I was driving home today seriously wondering what I would be forced to eat once the garden folds over.

Good Time #5

Human cannonball with Nora.  Here's a visual of yesterday's shenanigans.

Good Time #6

Playing ball with Nora before preschool.

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