Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fragments from a Whole Day

- PBS games for kids (Nora, specifically) inspire her to tell me to stop taking showers and doing the dishes because I'm wasting water.  You don't have to tell me twice. 

- Pumpkin muffins and coffee while we sit on the floor pretending that the Woodsies are cleaning house with their deciduous broom

- Hot dogs, strawberries, chips = lunch of champion daughters and moms

- Nora refusing to put her pants on, so I leave them around her knees, and we leave for school, her giggling the whole time, "Mom, didn't you forget something?"

- Praying for help only to find myself singing a Foreigner song during a particularly hairy moment (see bullet point above) and realizing the solution:  Don't stop believing and pretend to go to school with no pants.  Yes, I was surprised by the answer, as well.  I would not survive without humor and deodorant.

- Coffee and a blueberry triangular pastry (technical name) at the Spur reading non-fiction, saying "howdy" to the coffee-talk crowd, falling in love with a horse named Jude, and wondering if I'll ever fall in love with a human again.

-Her presence there warming the place by 15 degrees with her "HiHo!" across the candy aisle while she buys apple juice for her boy scout troop, the troop that will be developing a muscle today while running the 50 yard dash.

- Celebrating at 11:07 AM with a prayer for her as she takes the final step toward the Dr. she can call her own now

- Making tacos at mom's for supper.  Picking the tomatoes for her.  Excited for a weekend in Nebraska City celebrating Nora's 5th Applejack Days.  Did you know they have a giant xylophone made out of trees there? 

-  A call from a friend asking my honest opinion.  The answer is yes.  Do it.  (I changed my mind about being okay one way or the other.)  Always yes.

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