Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Think are Neat

1.  I think it's neat that 6 of my students took several hours from their day to be a part of a poetry workshop for high school students.  Thank you for what you gave each of those young writers.   They won't forget it because of you.

2.  So, I've never used Pandora until last night.  If you haven't checked it out, give it a try.  I'm hearing all of these great new bands.  Death Cab for Cutie came up a lot in one of my poetry writing classes last semester, and I'm beginning to see why people kind of like them.  The Weepies?  They're kind of fun, too.  Minus Story?  Chris Garneau?  Is this what all of you kids are listening to these days?  Nice work!

3.  My spelling and grammar is trashed right now.  (It should be ARE!)  See!  What did I tell you!?  I couldn't remember the "i before e" thing today.  I'm not sure if it's a specific kind of amnesia that erases everything you learned in middle school, or if I'm just really, really tired.  Why is this neat?  It's not.  I just forgot what I was writing about.

4.  Tomorrow I get to attend "Farm Safety Day" with Nora's preschool class.  I'm hoping I don't find out I've been living on the edge out here on the hog farm what with all the running with pitchforks and diving in front of tractors I do.

5.  I may be reaching here, but I just noticed that they're releasing a new "Charlie's Angels" on TV.  Yeah. I used to love that show.  Of course I did.  Are you crazy?  And I've been looking for a TV show to follow, so I can feel like a normal human who, you know, sits on a couch and watches TV.  That's a normal thing to do, right?  I don't know if I'll watch "Charlie's Angels" but if they put out a new "ChIPS," I'm there.

6.  I ate lunch at the school cafeteria today with a couple of truly inspiring folks.  I was going to sit alone at a table pretending to read my Lit anthology, but one of them came by and invited me to sit with them. We had such a great talk about all art being useful in one way or another.  I used to hate eating lunch at school--you know, I was kind of a loner, so it was like I'd just walked into the final scene of The Breakfast Club or something.  Triumphant in a Stewart Smally "people like me" kind of way.  Thank you, Dottie and Micah.

7.  God is neat.  I try to tell Him that everyday.

Wow.  I'm tired.  I'd better get some rest before I have to say "no" to danger at Farm Safety Day tomorrow.  I hope they don't tell me we have to stop petting the farm cats because all of them have rabies or that swimming in the lagoon is bad for you.

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