Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things To Feel

Melting sun on the soft souls (intended) of my feet in the grass stretched out and breezy and the warmth, my forever remember this.  Even my hair feels shiny.

Cutting loose about Jack-Cat, how it was like watching an episode of Bonanza with all the parts played by felines.

All beautiful hearts who spoke today.

Then to the haven of sound in the headphones I cover the world with swaying and swaying.

She jumps out of herself to kiss me with an I love you thrown in, and mama said there would be days like this when being mama is easy.

Buying 10 notebooks and pens for the high school students who will be in the poetry workshop Thursday. Everyone needs a notebook and a good pen.  Mandatory.

Just counting simple, holding on there.  Sturdy little things.

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