Monday, September 5, 2011

Counting Them

Taking down the garlic that has long cured hanging from the window, snipping the dry stalk away, rubbing thumb along dirt skin to reveal the skeleton white of the bulbs, one side to eat, the other to replant.

A girl with wings in her heart climbs always.

A scavenger hunt to find the knee-staining dandelion, worm-bitten apple, red cherry tomato, yellowing leaf, purple flower from butterfly garden, seeds as we fill the bird feeders.  This natural adventure worth living always in the clear vision of September air.

Where humor lifts us daily with the reminder to enjoy this life.  "Would you like a hot dog for lunch, Nora?"  "You mean, like this, Mommy?" she asks giggling through an attempted straight face.  


  1. Nora has such a gift for twisting something commonplace into something creative and beautiful. Poetry is in that girl's blood -- it gets more apparent all the time. :)

  2. Hot dog. I love it. :) Yes, your daughter is going to be an artist: with words, with life. Scratch that- she IS one. :)