Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When Nora Goes to Work

Kids.  These people love with abandon.  I love going to preschool with Nora and hanging out with the St. Paul's gang--the kiss on the hand from the one to my left, the one in my lap, the one who wants to play "snake lives in the Little People house," the one who corrects me: "That's not a tractor.  That's a combine."  I am so grateful to be living with one of them.  And here's what she's been up to lately:

1)  She became the proud owner of a new hamster named Henrietta.  Henrietta bites and escapes and exercises at 1 and 3 in the morning.  Henrietta has a little hamster ball and wanders around our house.  We like Henrietta because she has flaws, just like we do.  She also stores food.  I do that, too.

2)  Symbolic snacks in the back seat.

3)  We cleaned out the fridge today.  She really gets into her work.  Literally.  I mean, she...yeah.

4)  Then we took her chopper to campus and rode around the naked man statue for awhile.  She has a car seat installed in the back that holds our crocheted versions of Larry, Bob and Jr. Asparagus.

5)  Nora graded some papers for me.  (Many of you may actually have a few of her "comments" on some of your work.  She's pretty tough when it comes to grammar.  That's what that "unsmiley" face means.)

6)  Another symbolic snack.  (Yes, I do feed her actual food.  Sometimes.)

7)  "Mommy, I'm actually nocturnal, but I'm going to take a little nap right now, and then start again later."


  1. You and your girl make me smile. A LOT. :)

  2. These pictures are looking good!
    Well, Nora maybe looks a little ghosty in the second symbolic snacks photo, but it's artistically tilted to make up for it. :D