Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I'm Grateful for Today

1.  Mike working extra hours to fix the faucet.  Mom playing with Nora while I get a bit of dangerous, don't let your kids hang out with you while you do it, weed-whacking done.

2.  Merle's Garden Center.  There are two places situated within just a few cornfields from me that I've only been to once:  Chez Bubba (outrageously good BBQ) and Merle's (greenhouse = love).  I don't go to these places for the same reason I don't eat cheesecake: It's just too good.

3.  Talking to an older gentleman today who grew up near here--was born just down the road, actually.  We talked about hard times, how dry it was, farm wives and women who prefer to drive combines over the rest of the machinery.  He gave me a great carp recipe:  Take a piece of pine and nail your carp onto it.  Put it in the oven for a spell.  Take it out, remove the carp and eat the pine.

4.  Planting flowers.  On my knees, snapdragon yellow, wet earth, bent trowel.  Peace.

5.  Nora getting "fish water" on her legs while visiting above mentioned older gentleman's koi pond.  Teasing:  telling her she'll probably turn into a mermaid now.  That's what happens when you get fish water on your legs.  And do you know how people become centaurs?  I'll let you guess.

6.  This song:  "Landfill" by Daughter.
She reminds me of how much I loved Kate Bush one summer when I wanted rocket boots and read Wuthering Heights multiple times.  Girls, I'm sure you'll understand.

7. [                                                                                                 ]

8.  Holding hands with Nora.  Praying when I feel my shoulders rise up to my ears.  An exhale and release.  Peace.

9.  Strawberry Rhubarb Jam preserved and sweetness so good I licked the pot it came from.  The 5 half pints of it sitting in my cupboard and how they will spill the end of May from their hearts some snowy day in January.

10.  Barn swallows nesting in the eaves and the overhangs.  How they dive and swoop protective and fierce.  How they are cared for.  How we are cared for.

11.  A call from Dad.


  1. Carp are gross. We used to go down to the river and spear some big bastards and throw them on the bank for the coons to eat. We speared Alligator Gar, too. Check those ugly things out.

  2. I think I want to visit that BBQ place now. I'll get directions from you when we get home. HOME. In about four days. :)