Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Over My Head

1.  All the kids at the party were busy talking New York and I hadn't learned that language yet, so I took to the sidewalk where the trees were blowing up pink and white and tipped my head up to overhear a bit of the words I understood, and I walked watching the branches move and converge until I veered off the sidewalk into a parked car, knees bruised on the bumper, bit tongue but still worth it.

2.  We drove up to the lake that night and I swear there were shooting stars all around the place but I'm pretty sure it was just the tip of your cigarette reflecting off the windshield each time you took a drag, and I kept making wishes for each one I saw and at least two of them came true but not with you.  You moved to California, and that's the last I heard of you.

3.  It was the 4th of July and I was driving over the passes alone.  I'd just left you, and I was going home at my own speed.  No one was expecting me, so when I saw the sun setting, I turned at the first town I came to and followed the parade of cars and parked.  And I sat on the hood of my little hatchback watching the fire bloom above me, and I was nowhere and with no one and it was just fine.

4.  "Get up."  "What?"  "Get up."  "Why?"  "Just come and see."  I take her hand and she leads me outside, and the sky is filled with lines streaking down, white strings on fire burning themselves to the end of their rope and I find the same sky 20 years later in the grass while my daughter sleeps inside and something in me is just waking up.


  1. I'd like to hear the rest of these stories someday, if you feel like telling them.

  2. Where does this stuff come from?!?!