Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Must Be the Place

1.  This is the number one reason I like being a mom.

2.  She'll make you turquoise bracelets because she knows you love turquoise.  (Thank you, Mom.  It's beautiful.  And I didn't technically open it early.  Well, maybe just a little bit.)

3.  The Hammock.  Crabapple blossoms.  Seed corn considering how to become seed corn.

4.  [                                                    ]

5.  At one point, a worm crawled between Nora's toes and she screamed and started kicking and flailing. I'd never actually seen her this scared of a bug.  Tonight while going to sleep, she said, "Mom, my foot is really itchy.  It's because that worm bit me."  "No, Nora, worms don't bite.  They're good.  They're basically like a drinking straw for mud."  "Then why did you tell me they bite?"  "I didn't tell you they bite."  "Yes, you did, and I can't believe you said that about worms.  I'm going to bed."

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