Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Little Things

1.  A mom who gives: consistent and strong and loving and forgiving.  Let me learn from her.

2.  A friend who is willing to argue.

3.  A phone call from Ila as her peonies and iris and rhubarb are living gifts in my own kitchen, gifts she planted so many years ago.  (Ila is 91!)

4.  Nora's chia pet.  I am completely attached to this thing.  And, yes, I think we can make one of these ourselves.  I wondered what I would do with all those awful pantyhose things I own.

5.  The smell of peonies.  I might tape one to my nose tomorrow.  Everyday is corsage day around here!

6.  Talking about writing with another writer.

7.  A band.  A real, live band.

8.  Proverbs sinking in strong.

9.  Aprons.  If you see me at the grocery store in one, you'll know I have finally broken free.

10.  Nora's vocabulary.  (technically, dehydration, elasticity)  I'm not looking for her to do vocabulary tricks or anything like that.  I just love that she's finding so many ways to explain her world.  This is a gift, those words like tools to explain what she sees and what she knows.

11.  These summer hours are getting later and later.  I am considering going to bed early and waking at 5 to exercise, read, write, pray, clear a path for the day.  It's been on my mind.

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