Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wondered and Wonderful

At 2:18 AM, I am still awake, humming from a gig with my sisters from different misters (but united under one God).

We are a ukulele trio.  I know.  It sounds...dangerous.  And it is.  Dangerous if you want to stay depressed. Dangerous if you're afraid of moving your song out of the kitchen and into the open air.  Dangerous for that thing that keeps us away from community.  Dangerous because this is strong love at work, the kind that reminds us of how obvious the Lord's message is at times, and how we often need Him to be so direct:  Put three moms together in the same hallway and watch them grow into...of all things...a ukulele trio.  I mean, this is Nebraska folks.  It's hard to just find 3 people in the same 10 miles radius let alone 3 people who all play ukulele and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches faster than a four year old can say, "I don't feel like fish sticks."

The beauty of a this whole thing is that we are in it together--not just the three of us, but all those friends and family who are thinking and feeling and working through their own ups and downs sitting there in the audience at a ukulele show.

How strange and wonderful our lives are.  I was wondered, dazzled, dazed, awoken.

Life abundant.  God won't let you sit long in a state of hopelessness.  He just won't.

And maybe there was a line or a song or just something that broke open that wondering/dazzling thing for someone else.  I hope so.

It did in me.


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