Thursday, July 7, 2011

Simply Counting a Few of Them

1.  Nora eating three helpings of Swedish meatballs even though I burned the sauce.  "I LOVE it."  Note to self:  Burn Nora's food more often.

2.  A trip to Colorado starting tomorrow.  The long drive from the plains, then up and over the Rockies to the western slope and the blue house that grew me.

3.  In the Word this morning.  There is some heavy recovery/uncovering going on, something He's working out, but I can't articulate it yet.  Gideon and the broken vessel, the light a triumph, "This is the sword of the Lord."  How we must become like those broken vessels for the light to triumph, the heart exposed.  I listed the symptoms of a hardened heart and those of the open one, realizing my heart opens and closes, timid then courageous, like a face you can read, then a story that puts its hand over its own mouth.  Even sitting down is something courageous.  I forget that sometimes, moving immediately into self-criticism.  Anyway.

4.  I got a visual on the aphids this morning and sprayed them with homemade pepper spray.  I did not get it in my eyes.

5.  Four little barn swallows peering out from the nest they must leave soon.  They were singing like a barbershop quartet when I walked out.  The one on the right was one of the Statler Brothers, I'm pretty sure.

They were singing this song.  See the resemblance?

6.  And you and all the love you gave away today.


  1. Hahahaha. Ohhhh, Nora. :D

    Well done on the pepper spray: hope it works!!

    Yay for a trip to Colorado!! Have a WONDERFUL time with your family. <3

    Must become like broken vessels for the light to That could explain a lot of my life lately. Must think on that.



  2. I was reading something the other day (actually in a book you would probably like a lot... though I'm not sure if there would be a book you wouldn't like). ANYWAY... it was talking about the different between "enduring" and "persevering". It talked about how enduring is more along the lines of putting up with or tolerating something and that it is actually derived from a latin word that means "to harden the heart." Persevering on the other hand is more about "holding steadfast to purpose with a goal in mind."

    I thought this was a good way to think about it... to reflect on the times of life where maybe I did a little more enduring through things instead of persevering... and now to let some of that hardness fall away.