Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Tow Truck and Lost Wallet:

Even when you decide to tow away the car because we're 30 minutes late while we take the 5 kids to the Lincoln Children's Museum where my sister will unknowingly lose her wallet, we'll still be okay.  Even if we have to walk 3 blocks in the melting heat only to find the blank space that once held our car leaving us stranded on the corner of 17th and P with 5 kids in 100 degree weather, we'll still be okay.  There will be a small convenience store owner who will give us the name of the towing company in town, and she'll sell the kids bottled water and chips, and they'll move things to the back as they sit in a row on the bottom shelf snacking, and my sister will call the tow place and say, "Colorado plates.  Bring my ID.  How do I get there without a car?  Take a taxi.  5 kids.  I see."  And she will look in her purse to see if she has enough money and not find her wallet because it was left at the museum, and then a woman in the store will turn around and say, "I'll take you to the tow place."  And my sister will say, "They need my ID, and I lost my wallet, and the museum closed 2 minutes ago."  This woman (let us not be discouraged) will say, "Let's go right now and bang on the door.  They'll let us in."  And they'll do just this and, they'll let my sister in, give her the wallet,  and this woman will drive her 5 extra miles out of her way to the lot, and my sister will be back in less than 30 minutes with the car to pick us up, and the kids, who are cool, full of junk food and happy as can be will climb in, and we'll be on our way again.  And when my sister thanks the woman she'll say, "Oh, I was wondering what I would do for that hour before I had to pick up my sister."

So, the next time you try to get us down, Tow Truck and Lost Wallet, just remember that we may not know where all our stuff is all the time, but God does, and He'll always find a way for us to get back home.


  1. I'm practically crying. Did that lady have wings? A halo? What a gift from God...sorry you had the frustrations, but WOW, God is so amazing!!!! Thank you for this reminder of how he is ALWAYS in COMPLETE control. <3