Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fireside Girl Nora

Nora woke up with the Fireside girls on her mind.  I'm realizing Nora doesn't need time to wake up.  Her eyes pop open, her hands start gesticulating like an air traffic controller, and she's already taking flight.  She has been known to give herself the hiccups.  

"Mommy, I think I need to be a Fireside girl, but I don't have a sash or some badges.  Do you think you could get up and sew a sash for me?  Do you know how to do that?  And then you can make recycled turtles out of plastic jugs but be sure there is no milk in them.  You have to drink the milk first, okay.  And then you have to make them swim.  They have to wiggle like this and then their arms need to move like this and like this.  In five months, you'll know what you were doing saving the jugs.  But be sure the milk is gone.  Okay?..."

After a cup of coffee, I explained that she would have to earn the badges.  She was game, so we got right to work sewing a sash for her.  Today she earned her cooking badge, a recycling badge, worked on her cleaning badge, and her hygiene badge. (Yes, this is a desparate mother's attempt to get her to brush her teeth, comb her hair, and clean the house while I lounge around reading People and eating brownies.  Wow.  Even just typing that made me realize how uninterested I am in that kind of lifestyle.  Anyway...)

Cooking Badge:  From Cookie Monster's official recipe from the original Sesame Street Library collection.

Recycling badge:  She came up with the design for these, and they really float!

Cleaning Badge:  Um, it's a work in process.  

Her first badge!

Bonus:  Chia Pet Update!  Well, they look a little rough.  These aren't the kind of Chia pets you bring home to mama (actually, I have a feeling Mom will love these), but they were still fun to make.   That one on the left has some unusual male pattern baldness going on (for a cyclops, that is.)

Enjoy living!

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  1. I LOVE THE CHIA PETS! I may just have to make one...or five...

    And congrats to Nora on her badges!