Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Snapshots

Coffee with Mom as we discuss the change in plans.  Phone calls to those on the Western Slope telling them we are turning back to Nebraska tomorrow.  Dad sends a picture of a cake he had ordered for our visit.  My heart weighted even though I know this is the best decision.  Knowing it will be snowing when the next window will open.  Trusting and praying for comfort in disappointment.  Children negotiating space and story.  A swing set anchored, tested.  Pulling weeds and trees around my sister's place.  Thick leather gloves.   Light-headed rest in the shade.  She tells me to take everything out but the bindweed because it's pretty and it might help her control the other weeds she has.  "It's like killing the spider when you have so many flies."  Working through left-brain revision work.  Grateful for prayers and encouragement, friends.  Reading blogs and lifted up by community.  Mom crocheting nonstop today, and Nora sleeping now with the navy blue "Miss Kit-tay."  Timing my niece as she practices stacking cups.  Hearing my sister's laughter.  Discipline and the clean space of "I'm sorry" and "That's okay."


  1. Have a safe trip back! Can't wait to see you again next month :)

  2. So you're coming back today...and you've cot my curiosity seriously piqued with this post. Thinking of and praying for you.