Monday, July 11, 2011

Crazy Times, Folks

I believe by tomorrow night I will be able to sit still and write a decent post for you.  For now, I will say that we are home in Nebraska again after a week-long trip that turned into a weekend trip due to cold/flu.  Two states.  700 miles.  Three generations of women.  One minivan.  Many weak cups of coffee.  (Mom, I think we may have a coffee snobbery issue.)

Even after a few days the garden is out of control.  Apparently, I killed the potato plants with an organic bug spray I put on them the morning we left, so I don't have to worry about the aphids or the potatoes anymore.  Phew.  And thank you, Adam and Tiffany, for watching the place while we drove in circles.  5 farm cats + 1 invincible goldfish + 3 bird feeders + 1 overweight hamster + 1 baby toad + too many flowers to count + savage garden + little limestone farmhouse = safe and sound.

This Friday Concordia posted a job opening for an Associate Professor (creative writing emphasis) in English and Communications.  While driving, sneezing, praying, and visiting, I have been composing the statements and lists and forms necessary for the application, which I hope to have complete by tomorrow.  Friends, I could use your prayers on this one.   I've been on the adjunct train, single-mom incoming it, and I just might think...I am praying that God thinks this is the job for me.  If I can just get this letter, CV, and statement right..."Sometimes done is better than perfect."

And, oh boy, I am definitely not perfect...but I might be reasonably okay for this job.  So, if you are reading this, and don't mind, a little prayer for us would go a long, long way.


  1. Best of luck! Prayer said :)

  2. You have all my prayers/thoughts on this one. Who else could this possibly be for? I'm here if you need another pair of eyes to look over any application materials.

    Fingers and toes crossed.

    Love you cous.

  3. You would be GREAT for the job. If they want student recommendations, I'm your girl. :) Praying!!!!

  4. I would be so thrilled if you got that job! I will definitely be praying. :)