Monday, April 18, 2011

You Can Find a Lot of Things Growing When You Wander around a Farmhouse at Night Looking for Good Subject Material to Write About

Do you remember that plant I rescued from the Pac N' Save?  That's her up there.

I'm just waiting on the Thyme.  Take your _________.  All in good ___________.  One day at a _______.

Okay.  Nora built her own egg incubator.  You can see the egg there, and she put one of my thermometers in with it.  There's water and a little dish for the food.  This is all her doing.  We watched a few youtube videos about incubators, and this is what she learned.  Notice the pink slide to the right.

We made a cardboard chicken coop and this is the pathway from the incubator to the front door.  The chick will simply climb out of the incubator and travel along this path to its new home.   And as I'm looking at all of this, I'm pretty sure that if I don't get a chicken for this girl or make that egg hatch somehow, there will be one broken heart.  And there are enough of those in the world already.

Dreaming of chicks, I'm sure.  I bet they look like this:


  1. So sweet! I made her a necklace with a bird on it tonight. I couldn't resist and it had been so long since I've crafted that I was on a high and couldn't stop making things. So now I must go to bed. Goodnight! :)

  2. That is absolutely precious, all of it. And your plant is growing up beautifully!

  3. Love it. Walking around a quiet house after the day is done can make it all transform. Like little faces sleeping instead of chatting and moving- so different.