Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Wild and Precious Life

1.  To simplify and sit still, so I can hear what He is saying.

2.  To store my treasures in that careful cup he made for each of us, the heart He put inside.

3.  To tip the cup so those treasures pour themselves into some good work that these hands might do-- to speak of lifting gentle, calling strong, making something that resembles His love.

4.  In a dream, a hand extended, a finger pointed to my chest, the word spoken:  "Encourager."  And this is still a secret to me.

5.  And Nora moves into her own wild and precious life, the one He makes for her year upon year, and I pray not to define it for her because this is the poem the two of them are writing.

6.  We read from Judges tonight, and she says, "What in the world is going on in there?"  And I say, "They're fighting."  And she says, "But this is not a book about fighting.  This is a book about love."  To be taught by the ones who already know the kingdom--this too.

7.  [                                                                                       ]

8.  To give it back to Him again and again because this isn't my list at all.

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  1. Take the gifts He's given us, take the wildness we feel and remember the freedom we have to turn up the volume in love and move as He would wish us to.