Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little is Enough

Little is:

the hamster that replaced the 285 chickens that Nora wanted to keep out back.  At first Nora wanted to call her "Prince Gerbil"--and I actually kind of liked that.  A lot.  Somehow, we settled for Henrietta--Henrietta of the little things lost in a world of giants who is dreaming now of a little hotel for rodents with a spinning wheel and the occasional grape.  And I'm thinking it's kind of funny that I have farm cats whose job it is to get rid of rodents, and I paid about nothing for them, and then I went out and bought a rodent and...anyway, life is funny.

three part harmonies on the living room floor as the baby smiles goodness while tipping over (he's new at sitting) and the mothers are singing about being mothers and these voices are rising and lifting me out of myself into something I could get used to.

the last day of class tomorrow.  How I don't want to say goodbye.  What trust was placed in the center of the room that held our lives in language.  How much was given, one to the other--this community of hearts and voices and seekers.  And I will miss you.  Please write.  For each other.  For love's sake.

the passenger seat and the rain dripping down the window when you can stare for a good hour because your Mom is driving and you are just looking.


  1. There's nothin like a little three part harmony to make the little stuff shine! Happy hamster to you both! After you left I was thinking of names. ex: Herb the Gerb, Pammy the Hammy, Samster the Hamster...the list goes on and on.

  2. That passenger seat can be such a relief.