Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong

: the day starting with a wave between me and the guys out back saying, "Thanks for cleaning up the pile of leaves and branches in the garden" and "Thank you for the chocolate oatmeal cookies."  "Looks like we're going to have some sun today."  "'Bout time.  I was about to wish it was January again."  "Have a good one."  "Same to you."  And then we lowered our hands, not a word having passed our lips.

: a message reminding me to keep on keeping on, so I do because I trust this person.

: "Will you go to Chapel with me today?"  "Sure, Nora.  Thanks for asking me."  And it's a man from CampLuther with a guitar named Dave and he gets the kids singing and me giggling as we clap, make mountains with our hands, put arms around each other and sing while swaying.  This was better than any rock concert I've ever been to: teachers and students do-si-do in the aisles and Ms. B's humor shines as the good Samaritan.

: a text message and a "Yep, I'm at the Spur.  See you soon!"  And she pulls in with her handsome baby J and Smile and Sass H and gives me a necklace she made for Nora with a chick and a yellow bead, and I am already imagining farmgirl parties in the sunshine.

: and as we pull into the drive, I see a Walmart bag leaning against the front door with green shoots peaking above, and it's a Peace Lily and I do what Nora calls "crying the tears of joy."  And I'm not sure who to call because my friends do it in His glory and they don't like to name names.  So, Thank You, God.

: so the girls (Nora, Mom, and I) hit the road, back country farmland with the brown fields clashing with the green median because we are all ready to grow things around here starting with the potatoes and onions that will be setting up shop in my garden this Good Friday come rain or no rain.

: words shine with epiphany and searching from friends who live deeply, love strong, respond and share every minute of it with me.  And, Thank You, God.

: finally, the joy of word play.  Rhyme Time with Nora:  "Cantaloupe."  "Antelope."  "Telescope."  "Santa soap."  That girl wins every time.


  1. Love the post, love the lady, love the love. You are blessed and a blessing. :)

  2. I love the way you share Nora with us here and on Facebook. I always laugh and smile as I read the bits and pieces of your world. Santa soap. :) Love it. Love her. Love you. Love life. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. I need to get to know Nora better in person, but I feel as if I know her quite well already. She sounds too wise for a four-year-old.