Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nora's Soap Making Machine

Nora woke this morning ready to go:  "Well, you know, Mommy, you can make your own soap by hand if you just have a machine to make it.  You just have to have the content and then it will be hand made.  There's a sour cream container with a hole that is not too big but it is big enough for a nest for the soap and then there is a ramp for the soap to go on and it will be mixed up with a hot glue gun and I will have special gloves that won't let my hands get too hot and..."

I'm just coming to now...  Did she just mention using a hot glue gun?  This sounds serious.  I'd better get some coffee.

"...and then the soap will be mixed in the paper and you will know the difference between kitchen soap and baffroom soap and [hic] then you will need to [hic] get me the...excuse me, I need some water because I [hic] have the hiccups..."

I hear her wander into the kitchen still talking to herself:  "I don't know where my stool is, so maybe I can just stand on my head and hold my breff because that will..."

I'm up fixing coffee, heavy metal hair (toothbrush free!), and starting to understand that I will need to be functional in about 10 seconds because she's standing on her head on the couch and her hiccups are gone.

"Okay, Nora, before we do the construction we need a little instruction.  Instruction then construction."  I get a long piece of fax paper and she draws it out for me.  We find a whipped cream container (close enough), small bars of soap, paper tubes, glue gun ( I will be doing the gluing)...and we're off, coffee kicking in...So, this is how it works (Oh, and this is patented, by the way):

1.  This is the hole with the nest for the soap shavings and paper to go down.

2.  The ingredients travel down this tube and land in...

3.  The bowl at the bottom that has a bit of water in it.

4.  Here are the soap shavings and the paper circles that go down the tube.

5.  And after it's all mixed up in the bowl, you get a little piece of paper covered in soap shavings and a little glue from a hot glue gun to hold it all together.

This is exactly how she said to do it.  "You know what you are, Nora?  There's a name for people like you."  "Is it Nora?"  "Um...actually I was thinking of the word 'inventor'--you're an inventor."  "Oh, I like being that, too."  And then she made a goose.


  1. I'm sitting here giggling and my future brothers-in-law are looking at me weird. :D

    Thank you, and thank Nora, for the laugh! You win the "Cool Mom Award" for actually making the soap-making machine with the ingenious four-year-old.

    Does standing on one's head while holding one's breff really get rid of hiccups? Too bad I don't know how to stand on my head...maybe Nora could teach me. :)

  2. That's so cool! That blows the train right out of yard. :)

    She sure pays attention to details and brings magic to days.

  3. I washed myself in the shower today twice because I'm bored of my soap and the sooner it's gone the sooner I can buy something new - where's Nora selling her products?

    (hello again. it's been a while. how are you?)