Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Littles

1.  Back at Orscheln's with Nora and we lean over the chick trough, little yellow fluffs huddling under the orange light and we cup our hands under the three-toed babies and they settle right down in her little hands.  According to the people who work there, she is a chick whisperer.  And what does she whisper?  "Do you know all sorts of animals go poo different ways?"  Okay.  Now you know her secret.

2.  Despite our ice cream intake, Nora and I are cavity free.  Cavity, not calorie.  I'm, unfortunately, beginning to see the distinction there.

3.  Even after making a special cheese quesadilla for her, Nora spent most of supper saying, "This is disgusting.  I can't eat anything on my plate..."  "What would you like to eat, Nora?"  "More of those chocolate Easter eggs, please."

4.  Although I don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, I was relieved to see he/she/it had decided that we weren't going to have a freeze on Friday.  Apricot/Rhubarb jam could still be in the picture this year.

5.  I am wishing I could sing harmony with myself right now and that it would remind me of the friends I love who are harmonizing from afar.

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