Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things Worth Loving

1.  I love a poem that starts like this:


2.  I love watching Nora line up all the chicken nuggets she didn't want to eat on the concrete slab outside so the cats can eat buffet style.

3.  I love plants.  I had to go to Walmart (I know...I know...) and they have the most amazing Peace Lilies there right now.  How I made it home without one, I don't know.  But, you know what?  I can already tell that I can't stop thinking about it, which means I'll probably have a new Peace Lily in the house by Saturday.

4.  "There's too much riding on that.  There's too much love."

5.  I love when a sister appears out of nowhere at Chapel and sits beside you and starts singing the most amazing harmonies and you could sing with her like that forever.

6.  I love looking for camouflage material for boy's shorts and the realization that I might be contributing to a future ambush involving his big sister.

7.  I love turquoise and silver.

8.  I love.  This is a good sign.

9.  [                                                                    ]

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