Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A List to Carry Us Over

1.  Nora has been sick the last couple of days though she's just as talkative and animated as usual.  The first thing she told me this morning was that she knows how to make diapers for chickens and this is a good reason that we can just make our house into the chicken house.  She's been thinking hard on these chickens.  And secretly, I want them, too.  The big questions:  Does our landlord want chickens, and does Nora really know how to make a chicken diaper?

2.  She, like a lot of women I know, recovers from illness by simply ignoring that she's sick.  Have you ever taken a shower and then had to sit down for a minute to rest between the shampoo and conditioner and then you still went to work?  My sister Julie hasn't been sick since her first child was born in 2001.   That's acting!

3.  I clipped away the weaker seedlings today, cupped them in my hand, and they already smelled of tomato/pepper/eggplant richness.  I sat in the chair out back with a handful of asparagus from the bed I planted two years ago (it takes a couple of years before you can harvest them), found peony rising, strawberry greening, and am praying the snow in Friday's forecast won't put a freeze on the branches of the apricot tree now blooming fragile and trusting in the orchard.

4.  Lord, I am having trouble lately connecting.  Distracted.  In-turned.  Speak-shy.  This needs the medicine of open window hair blowing song screaming driving.

5.  What is told, what is held, what is folded, what is covered, what is loved, what is let go.

What I gave away because I knew it by heart.  Take it and it's still mine.

And the list loosens itself into the possibility of something undone and summer.

Oh, I am hoping hard.  To be moved beyond the small room of myself.

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